Atawhai Aotearoa is based in Te Papaioea, Palmerston North where Emma produces beautiful hand poured soy wax candles with no additives for a clean burn.

Atawhai Aotearoa has just about every scent imaginable! From French Lavender, French Pear, Whiskey, Lemon & Mint, French Vanilla, Caramel, Pine, Lychee and Black Tea, Ginger Cookie, Black Raspberry & Vanilla + more in the works! You can request these scents if you would like them.

Emma is keen to look after the environment and is happy to refill your candle jars if you are a local. Atawhai Aotearoa also has a popular candle in a wine glass that can be used after your candle has burned through. 

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Savoir Vivre supports natural, ethical and sustainable skin care brands such as Linden Leaves and Surmanti. These are proudly made by New Zealand companies. In our range you will find baby products, hand creams, soaps, moisturisers, body and hand washes, exfoliators and pamper sets which have beautiful and unique scents.

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