Zorilla is a New Zealand brand for men's producsts. They were sick of the limited options for men's products. The bottom shelf in the pharmacy, the token gesture of offerings unless you want to spend a fortune. The options for an aluminium free deodorant were just about non existent.

They created a range of deodorants that were easy to apply, highly effective, aluminium free and smell great all day.

Zorilla wanted a product that was easy to use, while also trying to limit landfill. Zorilla's products are refillable. They wanted a formula that could be applied through armpit hair.

Zorilla's colognes were created to confront the ridiculously over priced, over packaged international perfume industry, as well as of course smelling amazing and long lasting.

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Savoir Vivre supports natural, ethical and sustainable skin care brands such as Linden Leaves and Surmanti. These are proudly made by New Zealand companies. In our range you will find baby products, hand creams, soaps, moisturisers, body and hand washes, exfoliators and pamper sets which have beautiful and unique scents.

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