AF Drinks was created in 2020 by Lisa King - most well known as founder of kiwi social enterprise Eat My Lunch.

When Lisa cut back on alcohol at the beginning of the year, she became more aware of the sober curious movement, and the things that made it hard to cut back on alcohol, even when we want to.

AF Drinks is helping normalise an alcohol free lifestyle. AF Drinks are a delicious, sophisticated, adult option. AF Drinks are all natural with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Like most fruit juices and flavoured drinks, all AF drinks have trace amounts of alcohol of less than 0.5%. Alcohol ABV, which is classified as non-alcoholic (kombucha typically has between 1-1.5% alcohol). This is the result of the blending process of the flavours and not because of fermentation or distillation. 

All AF drinks are low in sugar. The Cuba Libre, Dark and Stormy, and Aperol Spritz have less than 5% sugar. All of the G&T’s have less than 4% sugar and the Spritz has zero.

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